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Galaxy Charitable Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization created by the Fraternity of Galaxy to serve the Abilene community and show God's love to the people within it.

About GCF

Kirk Goodwin Run

March 25, 2023

The Kirk Goodwin Run started in 1984. During pledging Kirk Goodwin, a member of Galaxy, tragically passed away. His friends decided to plan an event to raise money for the hospital and burial fees. They developed the Kirk Goodwin 5k which has continued every year since. This year we have chosen to partner and support our beneficiary, read more about their story below.

Beneficiary's Story

Beneficiary's Story

There are two ways you can get involved: by donating to Tim through KGR or by signing up for the race!

Moonie Masters

October 13, 2023

The Moonie Masters Charity Golf Tournament started in 2023. Moonie Masters originally started as a rush event but then evolved into a charity event that helps fund the annual donation project of the Fraternity of Galaxy. This year we will be putting the money towards a new memorial plaque for Corbin Stiefer. Read more about Corbin and his life below.

Corbin Stiefer's Story

Corbin Stiefer was known for his joyful spirit and his love of singing. He was a member of Galaxy (pledge class of 2018) and served as club historian his junior year. He enjoyed participating in the ACU freshman singing group Foundation, Sing Song, Study Abroad, and ACU Student Government Association. Corbin passed away in January of 2021 and is loved and missed by many.

Sign up for the tournament or donate to GCF as we aim to honor Corbin's life.

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