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Tournament will be October 13th, 2023
2:00 PM
Abilene Country Club
4039 S. Treadaway, Abilene, TX 79602


What is Moonie Masters?

Moonie Masters is our annual charity golf tournament that helps support the local Abilene community. You can register for the tournament or shop our merch line by clicking the button.

In Honor of Corbin Stiefer

This year, Galaxy Charitable will be putting our funds toward a new memorial plaque to commemorate a former Galaxy member, Corbin Stiefer, who passed away in 2021.


About Galaxy Charitable

Galaxy Charitable was kickstarted by members of the Fraternity of Galaxy to impact the local community for good. Impacting a community goes beyond the college campus and we want to lead in the way we support and love others around us.


Other Upcoming Projects to Fund

Every year the fraternity of Galaxy raises funds for a local benefactor by hosting a 5k run. Our annual Kirk Goodwin Run will take place this coming spring.

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